10 Things To Do Before 30

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readMay 2, 2022
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  1. Fully Indulge In A Fear. Allow yourself to be absolutely terrified for once in your life. Really go deep into this fear, make the situation as bad as you can in your head and go down as far as you can into the rabbit hole. Once you reach the bottom, look up and climb!
  2. Spend 2 Hours With Yourself. Turn off every device, lock up all books and do not have anything on you to distract yourself. And then sit quietly in a room for 2 hours with yourself. For spending so much time with yourself you hardly know yourself. Spend some time listening to what it is your heart is saying and to the thoughts that keep coming up.
  3. Do Something Completely Off The Charts For Someone You Do Not Know. Something so huge and dramatic that they cannot even stammer a “thank you” because they are at a loss for words. And then, walk away without demanding anything in return.
  4. Master Something For A Year. Set aside 1+ hours a day for a year and practice a skill or work on a habit. Do this every day for a year, not because you can make money with it at the end, not because you want to have a good skill to back you up, but only to prove to yourself that you can.
  5. Train With A Master. This can be in any skill of your choice, the only rule is that you must invest money to train with a real master sometime. The highest person you can find in that field, and then, no matter the cost, spend some time with them. You will learn more in one sitting with them than in dozens of sittings with average trainers.
  6. Drop Your Friends And Find Better Ones. One of the hardest thing to do is to drop the people we have grown to love and like. But when you decide that you deserve better in life, that you can really have more, your life will change. It starts by surrounding yourself with better people, and ends in your entire life shifting one step upward.
  7. Work For 24 Hours Straight. Write a book, study for a test, or practice a skill for over 24 hours straight, only stopping to eat and use the bathroom. Anyone can do this but when you really push yourself to working through the night and throughout the day you will come to find that even limits such as the time of day do not hold you.
  8. Commit To Your Dream. No matter how long it might take, and it will take a while, commit to what…
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