14 Ways To Fight Inferiority Complex

Lukas Schwekendiek
2 min readDec 8, 2021
  • Compare Only Against Your Past — Compare only against who you were yesterday and try to one-up that person, as there is no point to compare against anyone else.
  • Understand Your Value — Your outlook on the world is so unique that that alone is enough to make you invaluable.
  • Don’t Try So Hard — Whether you are inferior or superior it won’t change what you want, so do it anyway.
  • Be A Beginner — A beginner will learn from everyone, while an expert has enough hubris to ignore lessons that could be invaluable.
  • Embrace Failure — No matter how good you are or how far you got, you will still fail. Embrace it. Do not run away from it.
  • Remember Proof Of The Opposite — Remember the experiences that prove you are not inferior. Create a list of these and look at them daily.
  • In Doubt For The Accused” — When you are not sure whether or not you are actually inferior, when you are in doubt about yourself, choose the belief that feels better, for it makes no difference objectively.
  • Trust In Others — If someone hires you or tells you you are good enough for this, then trust in their judgement. They must have a reason for their belief.
  • Change Your Narrative — Every day, at least twice a day, repeat the thoughts, beliefs and Point of view you want to believe about yourself. Affirm yourself.
  • Learn From Children — Children have no concept of inferiority. They simply act because they want to or choose to. Be like that again.
  • Take Responsibility — If you still feel inferior with all of this then ask yourself what would change that and work on those things. 5 Minutes a day goes a long way.
  • Abolish Fear — Most of the time the inferiority complex comes from random thoughts that have no basis in reality. Question them, deal with them if you must, and for the rest: throw them out of your head.
  • Give It Time — Everyone sucks at first. Do not expect so much of yourself so soon and give yourself some time to grow.
  • Realize It Doesn’t Matter — In the end the choice you make will be the same. Whether you are right or wrong about how good you are should not matter in the slightest.
Lukas Schwekendiek

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.