5 Tricks To Staying Physically & Mentally Active Throughout The Day

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readSep 22
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#1 — Exercise.

Even though this sounds counterproductive since you are in need of physical energy, you need to use energy to create energy.

Nothing is created from nothing.

It is in this way that we waste our energy as we tell our body to sit still and rest.

You must start your body, show it that you need it to expend energy, and give it signs, do movements, and take actions that make your body prioritize use over conservation.

Our bodies default to saving energy. Without the right motivation we will stay lazy, get fat, and sleep all day.

#2 — Drink lots of water.

Most of us drink barely enough to keep our body functioning at a normal pace (~2L a day), but if you want to gain some increased blood-flow, oxygen and some more energy it would be wise if you up the dose.

Go to the bathroom more often and feel better about it. For a test run I would suggest drinking 3–4L every day for a week and see how you feel by the end of it.

If your pee is more yellow than clear, you are not drinking enough.

#3 — Focus on the most important things.

This is known as your purpose energy and contributes to your overall energy in the day.

If you focus your mind on what truly matters you will generate more motivation and more of a drive.

It is in this way that you can seemingly create energy out of nothing, when, in fact, it is your inspiration that generates a drive and a reason to use energy.

And, as an extra added bonus, it will remove less important things from your mind, therefore keeping energy you would otherwise waste.

#4 — Get Busy/Make a Plan.

If you do not get so busy that you don’t have the time to procrastinate, you will procrastinate.

Make a plan, schedule your every waking minute and do not give your preservational mind opportunities to waste both your energy and your time.

The more you have planned, or rather, the less you do not have planned, the more directed your energy will be and the…

Lukas Schwekendiek

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