7 30-Day Challenges To Drastically Change Your Life

Lukas Schwekendiek
5 min readSep 24, 2022
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#1 — Reading 4 books in 30 days.

Finishing a great book is an amazing feeling.

Either it’s a story that transports into another world as we witness the amazing journey of a different person, or it is a book that helps us understand the world with much more depth than we did before.

Either way, reading a lot is a common habit of people at the top of the ladder in every field.

If you want to get some real value and invest in yourself a bit more, then start reading more.

Successful people consume a book a week or more.

If you can manage 4 in 30 days that will be very close.

And if just one Book can change your entire life then think about what might happen in the next 30 days if you can read 4!

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#2 — Start meditating 1–2 hours a day.

There is a person who has done this before and has recorded his thoughts after every single day.

The changes this person underwent in 100 days are absolutely insane.

He went from being a depressed comedian to becoming a highly influential public speaker within a few short months doing this.

All through just sitting for 2 hours a day and meditating.
You can see his entire story and process here: 100 Day Self Connection Experiment

But even beyond Kyle Ceases experiment, there are many successful and non-successful people who have taken up meditation habits to great benefits.

Doing a hardcore version of this simply short-cuts most of the amazing benefits.

It is a surprisingly hard, but incredibly profitable 30 day challenge.

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#3 — “Yes, and…” Challenge.

Stop using the word “but” for 30 days and replace it with “Yes, and…”.



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