8 Simple Tricks To Get More Out Of Your Day

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readMar 25
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  1. Keep A Notepad Close For Any Spontaneous Tasks — As you are working you might remember that you still have to buy some groceries. Put tasks like this that randomly appear in your mind on paper and delegate a time to do them straight away. That way when the distracting thought pops up next time you can simply reference it back to the notes you made earlier, thereby leaving the thought as “completed”.
  2. Brush Others Off — When you get a call or someone disrupts you simply say “I am really busy right now, how can I help you?”. If they tell you that they want to reach you later instead when you are free just insist saying “I will be busy later too so I would like to get this squared away as soon as possible. How can I help you?”. This may put others on the spot but it prioritizes your tasks and makes it so you do not have to worry about their call later.
    - Add available hours — Afterwards say you are always available Mondays from 9–10 in the morning (for example). Giving them a specific time to reach you will keep them out of your way later in the day, allowing you to keep working without being distracted.
  3. Schedule Your Time In Advance — It is incredibly easy to waste time if you have nothing planned. As good as we think we are at not needing a schedule, the results show something different. On average, people find they cannot account for 24 hours every week. That is the average time you waste.
  4. Fill Your Calendar — Every single empty spot on your calendar is an opportunity for you to get lost in the endless procrastination cycles we all know. One episode turns into one season, one game turns into one night, and one page turns into one book. Fill your entire calendar so you do not have room for excuses or procrastinations!
  5. Take A 1-Minute Breather Every 20 Minutes — These breathers will save your sanity as you prepare for the next task. Do not do anything during this time other than to think about the task you are going to do next. That means no reading, videos, or social media! Even if you planned to watch a show on Netflix, take that one minute breather so that you can reassess whether or not you still want to watch the show. This raises your awareness and gives you an opportunity to not get completely lost in the time wasters.
  6. Treat Your Body Like A
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