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Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.

What made Muhammed Ali the best Boxer in the world?
What made Michael Phelps go above and beyond every time he swam?
How come Gandhi made so much more of an impact than anybody else?

None of them were exceptional people since birth.

Sure, there is the claim that Michael Phelps, for example, has double the lung-capacity of most humans, which has been disproven.

And while he does have some physical advantages, like longer arms and shorter legs, while being tall, so does everybody else he is competing against!

What made the difference in their ability was not their born…

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life? Like the zest to it all just isn’t there anymore?

Or do you ever look back to the times when you were a kid and wish you could go back?

I know I did. For the longest time I wish I could have gone back to that freedom I had back then.

To times where I was running around outside without a care in the world, times I fell flat on my face, and the times none of that bothered me.

Thinking back, those were the times that…

Your comfort zone is not this giant, magical, box that you have to force yourself out of with one big shove to be forever free of.

The whole concept of doing 1 truly uncomfortable thing to get you comfortable with it is dumb.

But that does not mean coming out of your comfort zone is complex; it’s actually quite simple, as long as you do it one step at a time and stay consistent.

It’s the practice over time that changes your comfort zone, not the one giant step that breaks it completely; which many people seem to get confused…

  1. Voice Projection — Speak from your stomach rather than your throat. Place your hand on your chest and humm, taking your air from deeper within your body as you keep humming. Once your chest vibrates keep that tone for a while and then talk.
    When talking try to project your voice to the end of the room without yelling. Make it carry instead of making it louder.
  2. Enunciation — Speaking clearly is a great way to articulate more. Most people do not use their facial muscles enough, creating a very muffled and slurred speech. Instead try to overly dramatize every…

One of my friends taught me a way that eliminated all my worries, complaints and fears right away. It is, to date, the best brain hack I have ever learned!

This hack is something that’s very simple to do and amazingly effective.

When we think about our problems, think about the worries, complaints and fears, we think of these gigantic monsters in our lives.

Sometimes these monsters show up randomly, other times they show up right when we everything is going horribly anyway, are very calculated and sneak in the back, or come at the moments where we let our…

Most of us only see our lives going down the drain when it is already too late.

We don’t recognize the problems when they occur and only in hindsight do we realize that we made a wrong turn somewhere along the way.

But how does this even happen?

How do we not recognize our life turning upside down if we are living it every day?

And how come we fall into the same traps over and over again?

It happens because we slowly fall back into our old habits every time!

Almost every person on this planet wishes to be…

  1. Most conversations do not interest you anymore — The only conversations you want to partake in are controversial or emotionally stimulating ones.
  2. Answers often leave you unsatisfied — “Okay… that’s nice.” you may think to yourself and “But what does that mean? What then? This can’t be all!” are frequent thoughts in your mind.
  3. You watch TV for other reasons than Entertainment — There is something else you gain from it other than being entertained and wasting time away. You may even be taking notes!
  4. What you do in your free-time has a purpose — You know exactly why you…

How far are you willing to push?
How much are you willing to do to make it to your dreams?
Will you sweat?
Will you cry?
Will you bleed?

Everyone who hasn’t achieved success thinks it’s easy, that the people at the top just got lucky. It wasn’t sweat, blood or tears that made them reach the top but some random circumstance.

But how do you know? Do you actually know the amount of sweat people put in night and day to train? Do you actually know the tears that were shed in those lonely nights where success seemed further…

What is it that you really want? What are you doing all of this work for in the first place? Why do you grind so much?

Is it to make a lot of money in your job? Do you want Financial Freedom?

Is it so that you can travel the world without a care in the world and visit places you never thought existed?

Or is it so that at the end of your life you can look back in awe at the life you lived and deem it truly worth living?

Look at what you hope to gain from…

#1. Being More Enthusiastic.

Get excited for everything you can. Treat all things like when you were a child on your birthday awaiting presents.

Try this the next time you are in your restaurant waiting for your food to come!

  • HABIT: Every time you are with other people try to be the most enthusiastic/positive person in the room, even if you have to fake it!
  • HABIT 2: Find a “silver-lining” in everything and a reason to do everything.
  • HABIT 3: Remove the word “but” from your vocabulary and never say it again.

#2. Move Faster.

Run from place to place…

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