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What made Muhammed Ali the best Boxer in the world?
What made Michael Phelps go above and beyond every time he swam?
How come Gandhi made so much more of an impact than anybody else?

None of them were exceptional people since birth.

Sure, there is the claim that Michael Phelps, for example, has double the lung-capacity of most humans, which has been disproven.

And while he does have some physical advantages, like longer arms and shorter legs, while being tall, so does everybody else he is competing against!

What made the difference in their ability was not their born…

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life? Like the zest to it all just isn’t there anymore?

Or do you ever look back to the times when you were a kid and wish you could go back?

I know I did. For the longest time I wish I could have gone back to that freedom I had back then.

To times where I was running around outside without a care in the world, times I fell flat on my face, and the times none of that bothered me.

Thinking back, those were the times that…

Your comfort zone is not this giant, magical, box that you have to force yourself out of with one big shove to be forever free of.

The whole concept of doing 1 truly uncomfortable thing to get you comfortable with it is dumb.

But that does not mean coming out of your comfort zone is complex; it’s actually quite simple, as long as you do it one step at a time and stay consistent.

It’s the practice over time that changes your comfort zone, not the one giant step that breaks it completely; which many people seem to get confused…

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The tallest buildings will crumble to the ground, the most creative stories will wither away and even the biggest names will be forgotten.

Time will eat it all. Nothing will last in the end.

So what do we do? After all… it will all be gone anyway. So nothing really matters.

The countless hours you put in your job, the exercise and health you have, and even every achievement, no matter how big or vast it reaches, nothing will matter later on.

So why in the world would we do anything?

Why struggle and grind and suffer if we are…

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Look for the beauty in every single day.

The only time you can truly find out how to be happy when everything is going amazing is by finding these things when everything sucks.

It’s easy to find a reason that makes life worth living when everything is going great, but when everything is down in the drain, when you are at the end of your rope, that is the time you truly need that reason.

You are not going to find that when it is no effort at all, and attempting to do so will likely just bring you further…

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There are two big lies that exist in the world today regarding passion.

First is the lie is that it is something one can just stumble upon and have.

As long as you explore your life you will, eventually find what you are passionate about.

The second lie is that once you do find it, life will be easy.

It will be satisfying to work every day, you will love what you do and it’s like a happy forever after.

A nice idea, that’s for sure, but not how passion works.

Passion is a general attitude you build towards something.

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Today is the day.

Yesterday you said tomorrow, and you’ve been saying that for quite some time, but today is finally the day when you will go running in the morning.

You’ve been waking up too late for far too long, and you’ve tried too often only to fail at being consistent with it: No more!

Starting today you will go running every day without fail.

You are totally serious about it and manage to get a good day of running in.

It feels fantastic!

Over the next few days the drive you had that day still pushes you to…

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What is it at the end of the path for you?

What do you want to be at the end?

You are walking down a very broken, long, difficult path. Why? Why do all this? What is it all for?

Many of us just walk through life. We do not think about what we do, what we want or where we are supposed to go.

We walk passively through it all and find more stress, pain and challenges along the way than we bargained for.

But we keep going.

We complain, yes, but that does not mean we will change…

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  1. Be More Energetic/Happy/Confident/Yourself/Etc.

Be whatever you want to be just for the sake of being it.

That or just chose to be what you want, whether that’s being energetic, happy, confident, yourself or whatever else.

Children do this all the time. They pick an emotion, a way to feel, and run with it for all it’s worth.

Remember that whatever you feel will transfer to the other person, so if you want them to be happy you have to be happy first.

Now, if you want to be viewed as more charismatic, then simply ask yourself what makes others more…

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  1. Nothing — Simply choosing the be confident is far more powerful than you think, even if you have no Reason at all.
  2. ‘I Love You’ — Look in the mirror, say those three words, repeat it three times each time louder than the last.
  3. Building The Belief — You’ve shown confidence plenty of times in the past and have more examples of that than you give yourself credit for.
  4. Break A Sweat — Allow your natural hormones to work for you.
  5. Expand — As per the Embodiment Theory take up more space with your body language when you sit, stand…

Lukas Schwekendiek

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