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Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.

What made Muhammed Ali the best Boxer in the world?
What made Michael Phelps go above and beyond every time he swam?
How come Gandhi made so much more of an impact than anybody else?

None of them were exceptional people since birth.

Sure, there is the claim that Michael Phelps, for example, has double the lung-capacity of most humans, which has been disproven.

And while he does have some physical advantages, like longer arms and shorter legs, while being tall, so does everybody else he is competing against!

What made the difference in their ability was not their born…

Do you ever feel like there is something missing in your life? Like the zest to it all just isn’t there anymore?

Or do you ever look back to the times when you were a kid and wish you could go back?

I know I did. For the longest time I wish I could have gone back to that freedom I had back then.

To times where I was running around outside without a care in the world, times I fell flat on my face, and the times none of that bothered me.

Thinking back, those were the times that…

Your comfort zone is not this giant, magical, box that you have to force yourself out of with one big shove to be forever free of.

The whole concept of doing 1 truly uncomfortable thing to get you comfortable with it is dumb.

But that does not mean coming out of your comfort zone is complex; it’s actually quite simple, as long as you do it one step at a time and stay consistent.

It’s the practice over time that changes your comfort zone, not the one giant step that breaks it completely; which many people seem to get confused…

People run after money because they believe that something that money can provide can provide them with the happiness or some form of purpose for their life.

It may not be the number in their bank account, but it may be the freedom that that money brings, the traveling one could do, or the things one could buy that bring them happiness now.

It’s the status that money gives in todays world, the possibilities and the opportunities that can be achieved with it that people chase.

They believe that through, or through those opportunities, money will change enough so that…

The best way I found to learn to say “No” is to simply have better plans.

That does not mean that you do not enjoy the time with people, or that you have to say “No” it is just that your schedule will be filled with so many amazing things that people really have to offer something amazing for you to take them up on that offer and you to say “Yes!”.

For instance, imagine your entire day was filled with building wells in a third world country.

You are waking up early in the morning to provide clean water…

Yes and No.


Many people travel the world to “find themselves”. They believe to create amazing experiences that teach them everything they have to know about themselves.

While this does happen, you can easily facilitate the same things at home if you just sat down with yourself to think about it who you are and what you want.

“At home there are too many distractions to do this” they’ll answer, but the truth is that it’s them who allow these distractions in and who do not make the time for these experiences.

In this sense, traveling around the world…

I do not care in what business you work in, whether you take clients or customers, whether you provide a service or a product, if you can address the emotions of the person wanting to purchase something off you effectively you will make the sale.

Many Entrepreneurs and business owners think it has to do with what they provide, and then fall in the trap that they believe their product or service is at fault rather than how they sell that product or service.

Take any of the giants, be it Apple, Coca-Cola, or any other company and look at…

  1. 5 Minutes of Putting things in their Rightful Place — Plates, Notebooks, Pens, Clothes, anything you used that made your home more cluttered. Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to put things where they belong. You’ll find yourself more relaxed when you wake up.
  2. 30–120 Minutes of No Electronics before Bed — This is right before you go to bed. Turn off that phone, shut down the PC and either read in a book or do other things. It’s okay not to have something running all the time.
  3. Getting Ready for Tomorrow — We only have so much…

Focusing on one thing.

Our mind is not designed to handle multiple things at once. In fact, it is impossible to multi-task.

Our mind simply switches between things so rapidly it seems we are doing more things than one, but physically that is not the case.

What does happen, however, is that we use way more energy this way.

Every switch costs energy, as our mind activates whole areas at the same time whenever a single thought is activated.

If we switch rapidly between different things, or focus on too many things at once, we will burn out much quicker…

This was a very interesting question I came across recently and I wanted to share my 2 cents here, for most would say they would change so many things about the world, I have a bit of a different take.

I could, for example, say I wanted to get rid of the judgements humans have towards each other, but then I’d also eliminate those moments where we find out who is friend and who is foe.

When we cease to judge we cease to qualify, and therefore get into a lot more dangerous situations. …

Lukas Schwekendiek

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