Break Into Life — 15 Ways To Become Confident

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readOct 10, 2021
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  1. Decide To Be Confident — For no reason at all, just choose it. Simply be confident. “I choose to feel confident today.”
  2. Remind Yourself Of Your Achievements — You already have done so much in life, but where is your list? What do you feel proud for?
  3. Be Grateful — Take your confidence from what you have, not what you do not have. Appreciate everything in your life right now.
  4. Break Limitations — Find a fear, an old belief, or something that holds you back that does not hold your confident idols back; then fight that limitation.
  5. Adopt New Beliefs — What could you believe instead that would empower you? Prove and foster that belief.
  6. Challenge Yourself — Do more than you think you are capable of doing so you push yourself as far as you can, not just as far as you are comfortable. You can do more than you think you can.
  7. Do Everything — Work on every area of life, for otherwise you will compare your worst to others best. Health, Fitness, Money, Relationships, Self-Growth, Career, Meaning, Fulfillment, Emotions, Purpose. Increase them all.
  8. Spend Money On Yourself — Give yourself some presents that you actually enjoy, not just useful things. Fill your life with desirable experiences and spend money on things that challenge you or touch on any of the other points.
  9. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone — Do something that pushes you outside that comfort zone once a week. The further outside you step the faster you will grow.
  10. Realize No One Cares — At the end of the day, the only one that cares about how confident you are is you. No one else’s life will be different, so make a choice for yourself to be confident.
  11. Better Your Body Language — Stand up tall and straight, sit taking up as much space as possible and walk with purpose. Do what you think a confident person would do.
  12. Change The Narrative — Change the kind of things you say about yourself and make them empower you. You are confident, strong, certain and have the proof for it already, just look for it.
  13. Overcommit & Overdeliver — Go above and beyond every time you can. Overdeliver to those that you do not want to disappoint and then overdeliver on that promise. Take this with double the seriousness when they are commitments to yourself.
  14. Start Finding Similarities — Look at your heroes and idols and find the things you share in common with them rather than what sets you apart. You’ll see you are closer than you think.
  15. Create Meaning — What makes life meaningful or worth living to you? Ask yourself who those people are that lead meaningful lives and then do what they do. Spend your time creating meaning and value and everything else will fall to the wayside.
Lukas Schwekendiek

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.