Free Yourself — Nothing Matters In The End

Nothing matters in the end.

No matter how hard we try, no matter what we do to make life better, no matter what legacy we leave behind, given enough time it will all pass away.

It may take a few months, maybe a few years, or, if you really left an impact, a few decades or centuries before people forget about you, but they will forget.

The actions you’ve taken, like ripples in the water, get smaller and smaller and eventually ebb out entirely.

At that point, no matter what you have done, it will not have an effect any more.

It’s this thought that plagues a lot of people nowadays; the thought of not being able to create a lasting meaning in life.

They see no point to it all because there is none to be made.

If nothing matters in the end, if absolutely every single thing becomes forgotten and pointless, why even try?

Most of us thought this way before, even if just for a moment before we brushed it off.

The truth, however, is that we all know this is true.

But while this truth seems scary, confining and hopeless, it also gives rise to another realization.

Instead of brushing it off right away, humor me and dive deeper into this with me for but a minute:

If nothing matters that means all the great achievements we have, all the nice things we’ve done, and all the impact we tried to leave does not matter.

But it also means that none of the bad things matter either!

The mistakes you’ve made, the pain you may have caused or experienced yourself, and the things you worry about and fear for your future will also all be forgotten in time.

Which means that no matter how badly you screw up, no matter how afraid you might get, it will all eventually pass away.

It’s not just the positive things that pass away and that do not matter. Remember that if nothing matters, nothing matters. Not the good nor the bad.

You can go outside, run around naked, be thrown into jail, or sit on the couch all day and it will not make a difference.

You can climb Mt. Everest, work as hard as possible to achieve as much as you can, or play video games all day and it will not make a difference.

So then; if nothing matters, why do anything?

The answer to that is rather simple: Because existence requires it.

You cannot exist and do nothing; nature appalls of that entirely.

Either you breathe or do not breathe, sit or do not sit, think or do not think, but it’s always something.

The only way to truly not do anything is to stop existing.

But you are still here. For now, you still do exist. So what do you do with this existence if you must do something?

If nothing matters then it does not matter what you do.

You can do anything.

You can do anything!

Let me say that one more time, because it is important: You can do ANYTHING!

You can worry yourself silly with problems that will not matter or chase joy and do everything you wanted to do; it will lead to the same, ultimate, outcome.

You can love your life or hate it, do what is necessary or let it fall to the wayside, live your life out in joy and peace or do everything to ruin it, it does not matter.

So why not choose to do what you love?

Why worry so much about things that will not matter? Why fret and fear when it all goes away anyway? And why spend all your energy on things you do not want to do?

If nothing matters it means you are free to choose, so you might as well choose to do what you love as much as possible!

You can leave the job you hate and find a better one!

You can stop engaging with people that make you feel miserable and find ones that love you for who you are.

And you can do everything that makes you feel alive and joyful, no matter what that is.

Many of us do not do this because we feel we must do other things. We restrict ourselves because of fear, worry or a false sense of what we have to do.

We try to be perceived well, try hard to be liked by others, work hard to fit into the world, and drive ourselves to burnout and depressions because we keep thinking we must take those actions.

But for what point? Why do we restrict ourselves so much? Why do we have to do all of that?

The point of this idea, this opinion, that I am sharing here is to break you away from this prison you placed yourself in.

I want you to see that nothing matters so that you stop focusing on the things you hate and start focusing on the things you love.

I want you to see that you are not imprisoned by force but by choice, and can just as well choose to be free.

I want you to see that, because nothing matters at all, you decide what to do.

There is nothing in this world that innately lasts forever or innately matters.

There is no purpose that lasts forever, nothing you have to live for and nothing you must do.

With that freedom comes responsibility; a lot of it, but in the end you are free to choose.

Some things come at a price; you cannot get everything for nothing, but you do not have to pay that price.

You do not have to make enough money to fit into society, do not have to pay your taxes, you do not even have to eat!

You are free to choose otherwise; you know the consequences of those actions.

But remember, that if you want to fit in, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the country you live in and if you want to eat, then you chose to do that.

Just like if you are still living a life in misery you chose that as well.

You can keep choosing to do what you hate to do or start choosing the things you enjoy.

But, if it doesn’t matter either way, then why not choose what you love?



Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.

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Lukas Schwekendiek

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.