Getting More Out Of Your Day: Don’t Let These Habits Keep Draining Your Energy

Lukas Schwekendiek
4 min readMar 26
Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev on Unsplash

A lot of our day is centered around the kind of energy we have. Our days can be amazing or awful depending on how we approach them.

Energy, positive and negative, determines how hard we work, the emotions that carry us through the day, and how we feel looking back on our life.

The problem is that most of us only try to create positive energies, while totally ignoring the negatives. But it is in doing both, removing the negative and adding the positive, that we create amazing energies throughout the day.

There are a couple things that give us negative energy, which is stuff that drains us, makes us feel more depressed and gives us more feelings of stress. If you do not want to have that try avoiding these things:

  • Sitting Too Long. Most of us sit in front of the computer all day. We aren’t made to relax our body all day. We do that when we are sleeping, which is what our body is accustomed to. Sit for too long and your body will begin to shut down, reducing the flow of energy.
  • Being Passive. A passive lifestyle is created by not actively choosing what to do. This often happens when we are bored and just want something to do. Active people do not need these distractions. They do not encounter boredom. They choose what they want to do every minute of every day. Which leads to more reasons to have energy and our body will gladly go along with it.
  • Having To Follow The Agendas Of Other People. How often has it happened to you that you forgot you had to help someone and your entire plan went down the drain? Suddenly you become stressed and overwhelmed because of this extra work you totally forgot about. But you have your own life to live. Following someone else’s agenda only means that you didn’t choose anything better to do. Saying “yes” too often adds many things to your schedule that drain your energy that do not even benefit you.
  • Skipping On Sleep. Remember the late nights? The Alcohol, partying and loud music? If you do remember, you will also remember how little sleep you got that night. The next morning you were dead tired, beat and probably invested the entire day in avoiding work and others as much as possible. Skipping sleep is the most…
Lukas Schwekendiek

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