Start Anew: The Best Tips To Turning Your Life Around Now

Lukas Schwekendiek
4 min readMar 24

There are a couple things I had to do to turn my life around. I got stuck in these ruts quite often, but over time I learned how to adjust my inner self to keep on working:

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Ignore The Future. Whatever happens will happen whether you worry about it or not! There are so many possible scenarios that you cannot say something will happen or it will not happen. What if it does work? What if it really goes uphill and you make it and it turns out better than imagined? Think about all the possibilities, not just the negative ones. But overall, ignore the future. Whatever happens happens.

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Focus On The Now Instead. What can you do right now to make it happen? What can you do right now to make your life more amazing than yesterday? Keep focusing on what you can do now. Have fun NOW. Work hard NOW. Create your future NOW.
(For more information read the Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

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Make It Happen. Of course there are bad things that can happen, what will you do about it? Do you really expect it to turn out better by running away from it? If you want an amazing life you have to work for it! You cannot run away! The “what if” will only grow bigger and stronger the more you fret not working. Accept that it may not happen for you right now. And then accept that you WILL make it happen someday. Get to work right now. Create the future. And destroy the “what if”.

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Trust In Your Ability To Figure Things Out. Know that no matter what happens you have the ability to figure it out. Imagine yourself in the worst possible situation. You are homeless, with no way to access the internet, in a country you do not speak the language, and you do not even know what day it is. You have no belongings on you other than the clothes on your back. Would…

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