The 12 Things All Strong-Minded People Do

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readFeb 5
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  1. They Solve Problems Immediately — Or at least they make a plan for when and how they will handle the problem if they cannot do it now. Leaving things for later still takes up the mental space to remember it and will distract you from the other things you plan to do.
  2. They Get Help — Mentally strong people tend to delegate the small problems while seeking the advice and help of smarter people to help with the bigger ones. They know they do not have to do it alone, so why would they?
  3. They Choose Their Battles — With only 24 hours in a day and only so much energy, there’s only so much they can give their attention to. Prioritizing is key, choosing their fight is crucial, and managing ones own resources and energy is vital to remain mentally empowered when one needs to be.
  4. They Take Care Of Their Body — The mind takes in ~20% of the resources we put into our body. Think about what you are feeding your mind and how well it will do with what you feed it.
  5. They Keep An Eye On The Bigger Picture — A large part of what makes mentally strong people seem so certain is their ability to discern what matters. Remember why you are doing what you are doing, who you want to be in the end, and what matters to you and you will find you’ll get roped into negative situations far less often.
  6. They Work On Their Self-Worth — Without a strong support system within themselves, they will get lost as soon as something begins to shake them. To remain strong in a storm they must build a stronger foundation.
  7. They Do Not Try To Please — Or rather; they are aware that there is no best choice. Because of this they are often not afraid to take responsibility. Not because they are not afraid of making a mistake, but rather because they grew comfortable with the idea that mistakes are inevitable.
  8. They Act More Than They Think — A large part of your actions are limited by overthinking. You often figure out the solution very early on but do not act because you want to find a better way. However, that “better way” almost never comes, and even when it does, one better way is not enough to make up for all the actions you robbed yourself of by waiting.
  9. They Take Control Over Their Own Mind — What this means is that they…
Lukas Schwekendiek

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