The 5 Biggest Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

Lukas Schwekendiek
5 min readNov 19, 2022
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#1: Drop the things that don’t work and invest more in the things that do.

Just drop them. You do not have to hold on to anything at all. You can drop your work, drop your friends, even drop your family if you so choose. If they do not empower you, make you feel better, or challenge you to be your best, if they are not supportive of you, then why keep them around?

Don’t be afraid of loosing those things! You will lose them sooner or later anyway. Friends go away, people die and you will eventually retire. That’s just part of Life: Everything that begins must have an end. That being said, why not invest in the things that make you feel alive, powerful, strong and loved until then?

You can always find more friends, reconnect with family if you and even get the job of your dreams. It will not be easy… But you only have one Life. Do you really want to waste that on people and things that do not empower you?

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#2: Remember that you are nothing but an extra in other peoples movies.

How many faces do you actually remember every day? Can you recall one person you saw today that you didn’t know? How about naming one from yesterday?

We are so obsessed with what other people think of us, and yet they probably do not even notice us, much less remember us.

When you watch a movie, how much attention do you pay to all the extras? You don’t even care if one of them dies in the movie, much less what they wear, do or say. The people around you see you as just that: An extra.

Stop worrying about how other people perceive you. They legitimately do not care. Instead do what empowers you. Wear the clothes that make you feel great, do the things that make you smile, and say everything you want to say.

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#3: No one is against you, they are for themselves.



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