The Best Habits Of Influential Leaders

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readSep 8, 2022
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  • They Learn A Lot — They read a lot, spend their time learning online, and use a fair amount of resources on themselves, be it coaches, courses, or seminars. Most of them read a book a month at the very least, although a lot will consume more.
  • They Talk To Everyone The Same — Influential Leaders will even talk to the lowest ranking employee as though they were the CEO. They value people not job titles or descriptions. And in terms of our being human, we are all the same.
  • They Listen — Influential leaders give everyone a voice. They listen to the voices of those around them and even give them time to shine. The mark of a true leader is not how much they can do, but by how much they can embellish the people surrounding them.
  • They Have Obsessive Behaviors — Many successful and influential people will seem to be obsessed about their topic of choice. They work so much, produce so much, or learn so much that many people tell them to slow down or even stop. This is a great sign as it pushes them above the rest.
  • They Produce More Than The People Around Them — Inspirational figures always seem to get more done. That does not necessarily mean they work harder, although it often does, but they may also get more done because they can delegate more effectively, work smarter, or focus on the bigger picture better. That is why they stand out and have an influence over so many others: Instead of seeming to waste their time on distractions, they get results.
  • They Get Enough Sleep — Sleep = Energy. Energy = Results. Results = Influence. 8 hours is a must.
  • They Maintain A Healthy Body — How many truly influential leaders have you seen that were horribly out of shape? 30% of the world may obese… but not 30% of all leaders are. This is not a coincidence.
  • They Get Help When Needed — Behind every great leader is an even greater team. No one can do it all alone. The Leader is the voice and has the power to make things happen, but they do not do all the work themselves.
  • They Hold Themselves To The Highest Standards — While they may hold others to high standards, they hold themselves to the highest ones. This means they are brutally honest with themselves, review their days a lot, try to improve more and…
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