The Golden Rule Of Studying

Lukas Schwekendiek
3 min readNov 13, 2022
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If you study for a hundred hours more than you used to, you will get better grades.

This is not going to be true 100% of the time when compared to others, but over the course of multiple classes, exams and years, it will come true, especially when you compare against where you could have been.

You are always studying for yourself and trying to be better than your past self.

Do not look to others to create the standard but to your personal life goals.

Is the amount of studying you are doing right now going to lead you to your goals? Yes or no?

If not, then sit down and study some more.

It does not matter how effective you are, how good you are at studying or how much you actually learn. Just the act of sitting down and doing it does so much for your mindset.

When you get into the habit of studying, regardless of how you feel, you put studying at the top of your priority list.

Over time you will get better at studying (for as you spend time doing it you naturally practice), but will also get off the idea to achieve anything in particular, which will make it a lot easier to sit down tomorrow and study some more.

Many students are resisting the act of studying.

They do not want to do it and get in their head.

They procrastinate to avoid studying altogether, and end up crunching their time much later.

To prevent this you have to make studying an easy-to-approach, low-risk, action that you just do; kind of like brushing your teeth.

When you “Just do it” it will create that change with time.

Stop getting in your own head. Stop trying to achieve so much. For now, just sit down and study.

That is the golden rule, but there are a few other pointers that I have for you that might be very helpful:

  1. Never Treat Classes As The ‘One-All-Be-All’ — The classes you visit are a place for you to review what you learned on your own beforehand. They will not give you all the information and thinking about it this way only leads to laziness.
  2. Study Daily — Every day do a little bit. Start off…
Lukas Schwekendiek

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