What To Do About Wasted Time

Lukas Schwekendiek
4 min readFeb 4, 2023
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Life can pass us by quite quickly.

Looking back we always feel we should have done more, should have done better, and should have stopped wasting so much time.

We look to our past actions in regret, for while they may have brought us joy in the moment, they were not the best choice we could have made.

If this sounds like something you have gone through, or if you feel like you are currently on the way to such a future, then you have to start giving yourself a very honest talking to.

Right now, you are not taking responsibility for the choices that you’re making.

Your choice will, inevitably, lead you to a future. This can be a good future, or a bad future, it depends entirely on the choices that you are making each and every day.

If you want to get to your ideal future then you must start taking responsibility for everything you have in your life, everything you do not have, and everything you are and are not doing to get what you want.

This life you are living right now is nothing more than a representation of what you chose to do in the past, and your future will be just an inevitable outcome of the choices you are making now.

From your home, your friends and your career, to your lack of partner, weight and lack of confidence, you chose to have all of this, or at least chose not to have anything different.

If you want to change this you have to start making the right choices and taking the right actions that lead you to the future you desire.

What this means is that you start looking into both where you want to end up and who you want to be when you get there and then start doing the exercises, following the tips and listening to the advices that may get you there.

If you want to be more social then brave the outside world and talk to more people.

If you want to be more confident then repeat those affirmations and sign up for those difficult projects.

And if you want to be happy then start doing as many of those online tips as you possibly can.

Should you not know what to do then that becomes your next step.



Lukas Schwekendiek

Life Coach, Speaker, Writer. Published on TIME, Inc & Huffington Post.