Why Little Moments Are Worth More Than The Big Ones

What makes you feel truly grateful?

Today I had a pretty rough start to my workday.

I did not get a lot of writing done early and still felt behind (which I still am as I am writing this) in my work.

When I finally managed to get the energy to sit down, no creative thoughts came to me. I stared at the screen and could not get into my usual flow at all.

So I changed tactics.

Instead of waiting for a creative spark to hit, I went to a conversation I had opened up with a friend in a different tab and started recording a voice message.

I told her what I just wrote here and then responded to a message she sent about her day.

As I allowed what was bothering me out into the world and, as I gave her whatever advice I could, things started to relax.

I did not feel as pressured anymore and just began with my writing.

Looking back on that tiny, little moment I noticed that I feel grateful now for having learned enough about myself to know what steps to take whenever I get stuck, for without all the years of self-exploration I could not have changed tactics as easily.

I also feel grateful for having a friend who actually listens and is not bothered by my complaints, and that I have readers that I have been given the opportunity to write for.

As I write I realize that I also feel grateful for this question as, without it, I would not have reconsidered that moment and I could likely start into a spiral of feel-good things now, but it’s not necessary.

To bring the point back the question at hand: It’s the small, unseen moments that make me feel truly blessed.

For it’s those moments that often leave the biggest impact if we allow ourselves to look at them.

It was the question that sparked me to think about what I feel grateful for. It was the quick change in tactics that made me feel appreciative of how far I’ve come. And it was the understanding of not feeling bad about sending a friend a message complaining that I noticed how different this friend is to the ones I used to have.

I could easily go on and say how grateful I am for my family, my friends, and everything else in my life, which I truly am grateful for and makes me feel far more grateful, but the reason I would be writing about these other clichés now would also only be for something as simple and often forgotten as this question that sparked this all.

It’s in the little moments that we start to think about the big ones again.

Those little moments sadly often go unseen as we do not think twice about them. Life moves so fast and we have so much to do that we grow accustomed to certain things so quickly that we never question it or pay it any kind of attention.

But when we do we notice just how amazing our life is and how amazing this world is that we live in.

A drop of rain hitting your face on a summer day could make you think about how lucky we are to have water at all, and to live on a planet that sustains this.

Complaining about the world might feel like we are living in a crappy world, but the realization that we have the liberty to complain about problems might make us understand that it was not always that case, for if we were at war or worried about bringing food on the table we could not be so adamant about some of the other problems that exist.

It’s the little things, that when not unnoticed, make me feel truly blessed, for they always remind me of every big thing I do have.

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